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GREAT MIDWEST Habanero Jack Cheese

Great Midwest® Habanero Jack Cheese

Cheese connoisseurs appreciate a classic smooth textured cheese with some extra dazzle. Great Midwest® Habanero Jack cheese is deceptively mild until you bite into a jewel sized pepper bit…and it bites back. The contrast between sharp and mellow, easy-to-melt cheese adds interest to weeknight casseroles and elevates soups from ordinary to divine. Sliced in a sandwich, this peppery cheese makes for a decadent treat.

Type of Milk: Cow
Region of Origin: Wisconsin, USA
Designation: Master Cheesemaker - Wisconsin


  • 3rd: 2012 World Dairy Expo,
  • 3rd: 2012 American Cheese Society,
  • 3rd: 2012 World Dairy Expo Championship Dairy Contest,
  • 2nd: 2014 American Cheese Society

Beverage pairings

  • Amber Lager
    Belgian Pale Ale
  • Bordeaux
    Cabernet Franc
    Cabernet Sauvignon
    Grenache Rosé
    Sangiovese Rosé
    Vin Gris
  • Tequila
  • Iced Tea

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